Careers with HBS

Visit this page on the Houston BCycle website to learn about new job opportunities with Houston’s premier bike share system.

Let’s talk bike share…

We’ve released a Request For Information (RFI) to collect information about different bike sharing technology on the market today to explore potential opportunities to improve, enhance and expand the existing bike share system in Houston. Through a careful process, that RFI has turned into a set of recommendations for the City of Houston.

Learn more here.

Since 2011, Houston Bike Share has had an exclusive contract to operate bike share for the City of Houston. For six years, we have successfully operated and grown the station-based Houston BCycle program.

With the introduction of new bike share technology, including “lock-to” and “dockless” models, we are considering other bike share models for the continued growth of bike share in Houston.

We want bike share to be accessible to all Houstonians and plan to work with the City, community stakeholders, and additional bike share vendors to bring public use bicycles to every district and neighborhood across Houston. Join the conversation by emailing us at 

Houston BCycle at Discovery Green